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It was really funny to watch, the sound effects they've added really helps!! 

Freedom Smith

Wow, they did not even stop cheering when the glas broke, twice!!  That is very funny!


Their reactions were really so funny!....at first, who would even think they are Gays?!! ... I think the Breaking Glass sound was special sound effects added. And it really helped to make the video the funniest ^q^ 

Freedom Smith

Yes, you are right.  Are you saying guys or gays?  Just wondering?


Gays ;p They are Gays actually ^q^ at first, they look like they are not until they were screaming! 

Freedom Smith

Ah, I was not sure which you meant, guys or gays, or actually, both.


Ah~*the 4 of them are all Gays, or a lady in a man's body ;p 

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