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Freedom Smith

They are sooooo cute!!!!!

You are right about livecloud. I am trying to figure out how to close that one.

I now have found google reader and have put all of my friends in there, from wordpress, from typepad, and from other blogs. I am very excited because I can follow you all in one place and it will not be so confusing. I don't know how much I will be posting on typepad but I will be able to see all of your posts on my google reader and I can comment too.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am following you and that you can follow me at http://freedomsmith5.wordpress.com and I have a password that I can give you for the password protected blogs if you want it. *hugs*


Thank you, FS. Really cute and love their outfit color!

I think LiveCloud looked so simple and noticed not so many people are there?.. But yeah, some features are same w/ vox..

Ah, yes I heard about google reader i may have seen them in some blogs~* I hope I can fix my WP acct when I get time ( like I am settled in TypePad)..I missed ur posts and the Kids ^^ Once I fix my WP I will be asking for ur pwds. Sorry so much for being so lazy~*U can kick me!! ~*hugss~♥*~




Thank you, xmangerm ^q^ Glad to see u here!

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