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She is so tiny and pretty.

Freedom Smith

I like both songs and the singer is a lovely woman.  I wonder, in the top picture, why she has on those shoes?  Why not high heels?  Just wondering :)


Thank u, Beeeze. She is really pretty and has such a wonderful voice ^q^ and yeah, she's tiny ;p


Glad u like both songs as well ^q^ Ah, i guess it's part of the album concept. The shoes must be part of the naughty side ;p 


[das ist gut] Nice & naughty... What I have to add is a great voice. I love the vocal arrangements on the tracks!!! Nice songs...


I ordered this single~* but it hasn't arrived yet...love Vivian Hsu's voice!..and the title here too! I hadn't seen the cover before...a~h I wonder what the gorilla is all about  ^ ^。


Thanks, RW. She has really a great voice! 


Thanks, MB. I hope it arrives soon ^q^ I was wondering as well!!  >.< I've seen the DVD cover and she was covering the Gorilla's eyes lol. Maybe the naughty one is the Gorilla? hehehe ;) Thank u so much!

Freedom Smith

That is funny.  I would think that stiletto heels would be more appropriate for her naughty side :)


Love her! She used to have a movie career and she was always so cute!! :)


Really love her songs ^q^ and I agree, she's really cute!

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